St. Cecilia’s day

on air

This episode is a very special one, dedicated to St. Cecilia’s day. Students and teachers play different musical intruments and perform different songs.
In order of appearance: – Irene Serrano Sanz 3ºC (Voice) – «Someone like you» by Adele.

– Paula Sánchez Perona 3ºC & Beatriz Martínez Morales 3º C (Clarinet) – «Pirates of the Caribbean» by Hans Zimmer.

– María Merino 3ºC (Flute), Carmen Belén 3º C (Clarinet) & Celia Martínez 3ºC (Flute) – «Tomás Ferrús» by G. Garrigues.

– Lidia Picazo Molinero (Piano) 3ºC – «Nuvole Bianche» by Ludovico Einaudi.

– Lucía Picazo molinero 2º Bach. B (Piano) – «Canción del Gondolero» by Mendelsshon.

– María Domínguez 1º D (Guitar) – «Harry Potter» by John Williams.

– Carolina Sanz 2º Bach. B & Rocío Martínez 2º Bach. B (Voice and Ukelele) – «I don’t know my name» by Grace VanderWaal.

– Laura García (Piano and voice) – «Heaven» by Bryan Adams

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